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Isuzu Parts


Some of the best brands in the automobile industry are from Japan, and one good example is Isuzu. This brand specializes in commercial vehicles and trucks equipped with Isuzu parts built for heavy duty use. As one of the world's biggest makers of commercial vehicles, it now has world-class facilities in Fujisawa, Hokkaido, and Tochigi. Built with powerful and fuel-efficient engines and frames that can easily handle a variety of applications, Isuzu vehicles are used worldwide as delivery trucks and service buses.

The company's roots can be traced back to 1916 when Tokyo Gas and Electrical Industrial Co. and Tokyo Ishikawajima joined forces to build automobiles. Several decades later, the company name Isuzu was adopted. It then signed a contract with US manufacturer General Motors (GM) to co-produce cars for the American market. The first-ever car created by Isuzu for GM was the Chevrolet LUV. In the succeeding years, it has formed partnerships with a variety of car brands such as Subaru, Honda, and Toyota. However, it stopped manufacturing passenger cars in 2009, although it still produces commercial trucks and vehicles, along with high-performance Isuzu parts. Today, Isuzu is the go-to brand of buyers looking for a reliable maker of medium- to heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles.

Some of Isuzu's most innovative creations are the Elf truck and the Reach van. The Elf model is a globally recognized commercial truck; it is also sold in other countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia. In some countries, this truck is converted into micro buses that serve as service buses for companies and schools. Another model, the Reach commercial van, is equipped with top-quality Isuzu truck parts such as a specially built powertrain that doesn't consume too much fuel. It also has high-tech, user-friendly safety features, giving you peace of mind every time you use an Isuzu truck to handle business logistics. Backed by the brand's years of experience in the automotive industry, you can expect long-lasting performance, durability, and reliability from every Isuzu vehicle.

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